Introduction to the Survey

The State of Wisconsin, including our region, will see more people leave the labor force than enter it over the next decade. This restriction of the labor force will heighten the difficulties that employers are already having in finding enough qualified employees. Currently most labor data is tied to national and state sources, which doesn't demonstrate the true needs of Chippewa Valley making it vital to collect local labor market information. 

Please take the following survey to provide this critical information for the Chippewa Valley. The survey should take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete, and you will be asked questions about your business, hard-to-fill positions, upcoming retirements, and what (if any) degrees you actively seek out.  The results of this survey will be publicly presented in summary form; however, all individual responses remain confidential. To see how data is released, you can view previous year's results and learn more about this initiative here: Workforce Demands Employer Survey Results.

Thank you in advance for your efforts in completing this survey. The results will be used to advance efforts to align the regional talent pool with the future needs of area employers. For more information or questions, contact Scott Hodek, (Chief - Wisconsin's Office of Economic Advisors) at 715.836.2997 or


Please gather your information in advance of starting your survey. While we still recommend filling out the survey all at once, this year we have added functionality that allows respondents to leave the survey and resume at a different time, until "done" is clicked at the end for final submittal. Note that this is linked to your computer's IP address, rather than a unique login ID.  Meaning this is most likely to be successful with the same computer and internet connection used to start the survey.  Given the number of possible internet configurations out there, we can't guarantee this will work in all cases, but we haven't experienced issues in any of our test cases.