2018 Post-Licensing Training Survey

* 1. For how many years have you been a licensed parent?

* 2. What is your license category?

* 3. Are you medically-complex certified?

* 4. By which DCF office or private agency are you supported?

* 5. Please answer True or False: 

If I am a DCF-licensed Core Foster/Pre-adoptive Parent:

I am aware that DCF sets as a minimum expectation that I complete 6 modules of post-licensing training per year to maintain my license as a foster parent, as follows:

a. Minimum 1 module of Trauma-Informed training
b. Minimum of 1 module of Crisis-Intervention training
c. Successful completion of CPR every other year

* 6. Relatives:  Please answer True or False:

When I was going through the initial training and licensing process, DCF stressed that Post-Licensing training would become extremely helpful to me and they encouraged me to take Post-Licensing training modules as soon as possible.

* 7. Please rank 1-14 (with 1 being greatest preference and 14 your least), your preferences of topics for post-licensing trainings for the upcoming year:

* 8. Please rank 1-8 (with 1 being your greatest preference and 8 your least), your preferences for the delivery of post-licensing training:

* 9. My preferred language for trainings is:

* 10. Please check any barriers to your ability to attend post-licensing training.

* 11. My social worker keeps accurate track of my post-licensing completed attendance when I provide a copy of my completed certificates.

* 12. Please tell us about your training preferences or barriers from earlier questions.

* 13. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your experience as a foster/adoptive/relative parent?

Thank you for taking our survey!