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Elementary School Programs
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We hope that you have had the opportunity to stay informed on the development of the Educational Facility Master Plan through our Community Meetings, Board Work Sessions, and the documentation of all materials which are posted on the school website at

All information and feedback to date are very important in this effort, and to ensure that the special programs that we offer in addition to state mandated curriculum are the best that they can be, we are committing our second round of Community Meetings to the discussion of programs that are offered in our school facilities.

To gather as much feedback as possible, we encourage you to take just a few minutes to complete our surveys on our program offerings. Because of the breadth of these offerings, we have separated these surveys by grade level. We encourage you to take all surveys, and we thank you in advance for your valuable input.

Elementary Programs

In each of the following questions, we will ask you to consider a program that is offered at our elementary schools, and then offer your opinion (if you have one) on this program offering.

We would like to ask for your opinion on our Exceptional Education programs.

* 1. High Ability programs, including LOGOS, are provided in grades 3 and 4 at the Hibberd Building.  Enrichment opportunities are offered at each elementary building during Success time in English Language Arts and Math.  Do you believe our High Ability programs are?

* 2. Our Special Education continuum of services is an array of services that include inclusion, pullout, and self-contained classes.  Do you believe our Special Education services are?

* 3. English Learners are offered a number of services including direct (in class, pullout) and indirect services (consultation).  Do you believe our English Learners services are?

* 4. The Alternative Education is housed at Community Youth Services building and provides a blended approach(teacher lead/online) programming for students that struggle in the  traditional school setting.  Do you believe our Alternative Education Program is?

We would now like to ask for your opinion on our Pre-Kindergarten programs.

* 5. We offer at least two sections of half-day Pre-Kindergarten in each elementary building to 3 and 4 year olds.  Additionally, special education pre-school is offered at Crestdale.  Do you believe our Pre-Kindergarten Program is?

We would now like to ask for your opinion on our Creative Arts programs.

* 6. Our Physical Education Program includes a twice a week rotation. What do you believe about the amount of time allotted for our Physical Education Program offering?

* 7. Music offerings includes a twice a week rotation of general music. What do you believe about the amount of time allotted to our Music offerings?

* 8. Art offerings include a twice a week rotation.  What do you believe about the amount of time allotted for our Art offerings?

* 9. Media offerings include a twice a week rotation.  What do you believe about the amount of time allotted for our Media offerings?

We would now like to ask for your opinion of our Social Services programs.

* 10. Our Community in Schools works with students and parents to connect families with community resources.  Do you believe our Community in Schools work is?

* 11. Through our partnership with Boys and Girls Club, we offer select bus transportation to after school programs at our four Boys and Girls Club sites, including the Fairview Elementary site that is partially funded by Richmond Community Schools.  Do you believe our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club is?

* 12. Centerstone offerings include a master level therapist and a family support specialist to support students with mental health needs.  Do you believe our Centerstone offerings are?

* 13. Our partnership with the YMCA provides latchkey after-school childcare for our families at a nominal fee.  Do you believe our partnership with the YMCA is?

* 14. Please provide additional comments you may have on our existing programs.  Fill in the blank

* 15. Please provide any comments or suggestions you may have regarding additional programs you would like Richmond Community Schools to add. Fill in the blank

* 16. Why did you choose Richmond Community Schools?  Fill in the blank

* 17. In what areas do you see Richmond Community Schools as an educational leader.  Fill in the blank

* 18. Which of the following best describes your relationship to Richmond Community Schools (RCS)?

* 19. What is your gender?

* 20. What is your age?

* 21. How many children ages 5 to 18 do you have?

* 22. What grade level is your child(ren)?  Select all that apply.