Sneak Peek at R&I Batch #4: Five entries on GRATITUDE

Thank you for participating in review and input (R&I). Your feedback is important.
Greetings from NA World Services! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on this sneak peek at batch #4 of entries for the Spiritual Principle a Day Book Project. This cover memo offers some suggestions about how to proceed. 

We've designed this electronic form to collect members' input on the gratitude entries. If you haven't already, you may want to download the PDF with Review & Input (R&I) drafts on gratitude. We invite you to review all five entries, but are grateful for any input you'd like to offer, just skip over questions related to entries you haven't read.

Thank you, in advance, for identifying what you relate to or find useful, and for pointing out where and how the tone strikes you as off. This kind of conceptual feedback is most useful at this stage. We know that word-smithing can be hard to resist. Offer edits, if you’d like, but please let us know what they intend to remedy.

To submit your input, the anonymous demographic questions at the end of the survey must be completed. This information helps us to ensure that we're getting input from all corners of the Fellowship. 

Thank you again for participating. We sincerely appreciate your input. The remainder of Batch #4 will post in October. The window for offering input will close in January 2021.