Washington Maritime Federation Membership Application

The WMF has recently implemented a formal membership program. We invite all stakeholders that have an interest in the vitality of Washington's maritime industry to participate as a full decision making of associate member to help drive the mission of the Federation. 

Mission Statement

The Washington Maritime Federation is an association of associations, comprised of maritime, economic development and business organizations that have come together to support the maritime industry. By bringing together these representatives and supporters of the many diverse segments of the maritime industry, and the greater business community at large, the Washington Maritime Federation will build consensus, provide a unified voice for the industry and join together to drive change in matters of common interest.

Coordination - Establish Washington Maritime Federation as the resource, and conduit for information about, and coordinated support of the maritime industry

Awareness - Create awareness among the public, key stakeholders and constituencies of the importance of the Washington state maritime industry

Advocacy - Communicate messages of the policy/investment priorities of the Federation

Please take a few moments to complete the following application and the WMF Coordinator respond in 5 business days with your application status and links to further participate in planning and committee meetings.

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