The South Florida Regional Planning Council is pleased to share the draft of the 2017-2021 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for your review ans comment through and inline public input survey. Your comments are invaluable in shaping the CEDS into regional plans that are relevant and reflective of Broward, Miami-Dade, and Monroe Counties as a region. 

The South Florida Regional Planning Council is a designated Economic Development District through the US Economic Development Administration (EDA). As the region's EDD, the Council develops the CEDS to identify regional priorities for economic and community development. The CEDS will help the region learn how to build economic resilience and sustainability across the region by planning, supporting innovation and regional industries, and monitoring the progress and results. 

Feedback will shape the final version to be adopted at the November Council meeting. Please make sure to contribute your voice by November 23, 2017. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Natalia Neira

* 1. Contact Information

CEDS Goals Categories:
Innovation and Competitiveness
Opportunity and Prosperity
Vitality and Sustainability

* 2. Goal #1: Innovation and Competitiveness
To support programs and strategies, including international trade, which assist in the retention, expansion and the attraction of businesses, and improve the capacity of small businesses to participate fully in South Florida’s economic activities.

To support complementary data collection and dissemination efforts among local jurisdictions, combining data on available “ready” sites and workforce characteristics. Encourage the development of a complete “ecosystem” of workforce training throughout the region

To enhance the resilience of the South Florida economy in the face of natural disasters and changes to the national and state economies through increased awareness and preparation by businesses for environmental risks

* 3. Goal #2: Opportunity and Prosperity

To support the development of a diversified economy by expanding the quantity and quality of job opportunities.

To prepare a skilled workforce that supports the business community through programs and tools that address education, training and the attraction/retention of qualified workers.

To promote the retention and continued improvement of existing partnerships (intergovernmental, public-private, interagency, etc), and the creation of new partnerships to meet South Florida's economic challenges.

To ensure that there is a superior network of public infrastructure with supportive land use regulations to maintain the region as a competitive location for targeted industries and to provide for public safety and homeland security.

To educate government and businesses on continuity and recovery plans and to support plan implementation in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

To promote a regional perspective on multi-modal transportation system for people, goods, and services that includes transit, highway, seaport, airport, rail, broadband, and multi-use trail planning and development.

* 4. Goal #3: Vitality and Sustainability

To promote a high quality of life and ensure a sustainable community offering an array of affordable housing, quality education and healthcare systems, historical and cultural facilities, tourist attractions and beaches, special events, festivals, and sports.
To promote the sustainable use of the natural resources (especially water resources and green building through sound economic development activities consistent with environmental management goals.