NITC Customer Service Feedback

NITC is committed to monitoring the quality of the services we provide as part of our improvement processes. We appreciate your feedback on our performance.

* 1. What certification department did you contact?

* 2. Who is your main contact person at NITC?

* 3. How long did you have to wait before an NITC certification processor began to help you?

* 4. How well did the NITC certification processor listen to you?

* 5. How knowledgeable was the NITC certification processors?

* 6. How clear was the information the NITC certification processor gave you?

* 7. How many of your questions did the NITC certification processor resolve?

* 8. How helpful was the NITC certification processor?

* 9. Was your experience with the NITC certification processor better than you expected it to be, worse than you expected it to be, or about what you expected it to be?

* 10. Please explain any compliments you may have:

* 11. Please explain any complaints you have:

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