This School Climate Survey is an opportunity for you to respond to questions around rules/norms, safety, school connectedness, leadership, social/emotional support, and teaching and learning.  Also included are questions related to the Advisory program.  It is expected that 100% of school staff respond.  The Climate Survey results provided by staff, students and parents will inform your School Climate Committee’s effort to address school climate issues at your school.

* 1. Please select your school/s from the list below.

* 2. Please respond to the statements below.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
Students treat adults with respect at this school.
Adults treat students with respect at this school.
I know what is expected of me at this school.
At this school, there is honest communication on important school issues.
School administrators value teacher feedback.
This school is sensitive to issues regarding race, gender, sexual orientation and disabilities.
School administrators communicate a clear vision for this school.
This school’s discipline program is effective.
I feel like I am a part of this school’s community.
Parents are given opportunities to be involved at this school.
I have access to the technology that I need at this school.
I have access to other resources that I need for my class(es).
Teachers in this school support each other.
I feel comfortable going to at least one member of this school’s administrative team if I have a problem.
The principal sets high expectations for students and staff.
I receive timely feedback on my performance and progress toward goals.
Staff morale is high at this school.
I believe students are getting a high-quality education at this school.
The professional development I received this year provided me with teaching strategies to better meet the needs of my students.
I feel safe at my school
Bullying is not a problem at my school.
In my classes I show how what students are learning is important outside the classroom.
Students help each other in my classes.
My school is clean and well maintained.
I integrate digital citizenship in my classes
My school’s data team is working well.
Instructional data teams at my school are working well.
My school communicates well with families.
I like working in this school.
Professional Development is aligned to school goals.
Rules and norms are clear at my school.
I have a voice in decisions at my school.
I have a voice in decisions district-wide.
Administrators at this school behave in a professional manner.
Teachers at this school hold each other accountable for meeting expectations.

* 3. Please respond to the statements below relative to the Advisory program.

  Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree
My students are actively engaged in Advisory
My Advisory students see me as an academic resource.
My Advisory students come to me for personal support.
I feel that my Advisory class is fulfilling the goals/purpose for Advisory.
The district prepared materials for Advisory are easy for me to access.
I look forward to Advisory.
I would like more input in leading Advisory groups.
There are sufficient activities and materials provided for Advisory.
I use the district prepared materials in my Advisory class most of the time.
I would like the amount of time students spend in Advisory to increase.

* 4. What is your role?

* 5. How many years have you been working in this school?

* 6. Is there anything else you would like to share with us relative to your school's climate?