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* 1. How much awareness do you feel is raised about the genetic condition that affects you or your family?

  Not nearly enough Not really enough About right A little more than needed Much more than needed
Amongst primary health care providers such as GP’s
Amongst specialist health care providers
Amongst funding bodies responsible for providing care and support
Amongst policy making officials such as local and national government
Within schools
Within places of employment
Amongst the general public

* 2. What aspects of your condition do you feel there needs to be a greater awareness of?

* 3. Who do you think is best placed to raise awareness?

* 4. Do you think the visual arts could help to raise awareness for your genetic condition? For example, by holding an exhibition of artwork based upon living with a genetic condition.

* 5. If an art project took place to raise awareness for living with genetic conditions, would you be interested in taking part?

* 6. If you would like to be involved, what input would you be able to give? [If you would like to be involved please email the artist at julia.m.thomas@talktalk.net]

* 7. Have you been involved with raising awareness for genetic conditions in the past?

* 8. Are you a patient with this genetic condition or does a member of your family or someone you care for have this condition?

* 9. Which genetic condition(s) do you/they have?

* 10. To help with planning the location of any future workshops, please could you tell us the nearest city to where you live.