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The student named above is an applicant for the Thoms Family Above & Beyond Scholarship. The $5000 scholarship is to be used at any accredited two or four year school of further education. The Selection Committee is looking for a Rock Island High School Junior who is willing to go "Above & Beyond", who shows unusual creative, organizational or leadership ablilities. Grades and test scores are not condisdered. The applicant must propose a project he or she wants to accomplish. The proposed project is evaluated on originality, organization and reasonable expectation of success.

The Committee welcomes your evaluation of this student's personal characteristic, ability, achievements, motivation and potential. Please give consderabale thought to your recommendation and be as specific as possible, citing instances that support your evaluation, as it could be a deciding factor in the student's selection as a Thoms Family Above & Beyond Scholarship winner. Consider the following points as you answer the questions below.

+ What are the students's strenghs? Are there special circumstances or obstacles that the student has had to overcome? Does the student take advantage of opportunities?

+ How does the student demonstrate character? Does the student have any special talents?
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