Lets build a Parka

* 1. How warm would you want your parka to be?

* 2. Would you want it to be waterproof?

* 3. How long would you like it to be?

* 4. Should you be able to remove the hood?

* 5. How many exterior pockets would you like it to have?

* 6. How many interior pockets should it have?

* 7. Where would you like the pockets to be located on the exterior?

* 8. Where would you like the interior pockets to be located?

* 9. Would you like a location on the coat that could be personalized?

* 10. If yes to above, where would you like to be able to embroider.

* 11. What tools or work supplies would you like your coat to accommodate

* 12. If you had a color choice, what color would it be?

* 13. Are interior straps for hanging the coat off of your back when in warm locations necessary?

* 14. Are you male or female?

* 15. Please provide any feedback that is important to you in an winter exterior work coat that we may have missed