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1. Introduction

The City of Pleasant Hill is in the process of updating the Comprehensive Plan, the guide for future growth and development of the community.

We are in the initial stages of the planning process and would like to get a better understanding of the community and the core interests of residents, business owners, and property owners. The City would like your feedback to help identify the current qualities that define Pleasant Hill and begin to identify some opportunities and challenges that are facing the community.

Please take a few minutes and answer the questions below. We appreciate your participation in this process. Please look for additional opportunities to participate in the future, or by visiting

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* 1. How would you describe your role within Pleasant Hill? (Select all that apply)

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* 2. What is your approximate age?

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* 3. How long have you lived in Pleasant Hill?

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* 4. Are you or a member of your family employed full time?

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* 5. If yes, where do you or your family member work?

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