1. Introduction

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The Undergraduate Assembly (UA) is the university-wide, elected branch of Penn’s student government. Comprised of thirty-three students – elected from each undergraduate school and the incoming freshman class – the UA works with administration, faculty, staff, students and other stakeholder groups to enhance the Penn undergraduate experience through the advocacy and lobbying of student interests, as well as services.

Annually, the UA’s major responsibility is to allocate University, student-life funds (this year, ~$1.72 million of your tuition dollars) to the other branches of student government – most notably, to the Student Activities Council (SAC) and Social Planning and Events Committee (SPEC), which organizes Spring Fling and our semesterly concerts and speakers (e.g. Anderson Cooper).


In short, we hope to make the UA's work as relevant as possible to your experience at Penn. Therefore, we'd like to better understand your top priorities for the University and to your daily student life at Penn. We want to tackle those issues and ensure that your Penn experience is as valuable as it can be. The survey takes no longer than 3 minutes! Your responses will be anonymous. Thanks!