Welcome to the RSVP for the Garden City Conservation 2016 Annual Gathering!

The 2016 Annual Gathering of the Garden City Conservation Society is on Thursday, June 23. The location is the Red Barn at Terra Nova, also known as the Terra Nova Farm Centre.

A light dinner (finger food) is available from 6 pm. It's always popular. Please take advantage of it.

James Gates, Executive Director of the Sharing Farm, will gather the group for the optional eco-tour at 6:25 pm. The Sharing Farm tour, 6:30–7 pm, will focus on the brand new Mary's Barn, just a few days after the official opening.

The main part of the Annual Gathering will be from 7:15 to 8:30 pm, with mini-presentations and useful interaction. This will include a guided discussion led by the current vice president, Sharon MacGougan, that will chart the Garden City Conservation Society's directions.

The gathering is for members of the society, and it is free with membership. If you support the society's purposes, you may join/renew either at the event or in advance  (via the About Us page at www.GardenCityLands.ca). Membership is only $10 per year. Some people add a small donation to help pay for expenses, but that's entirely optional.

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