1. Introduction

This survey will be used to elicit stakeholder feedback in response to the California Energy Commission's Feed-in Tariff Workshop, held on June 30th, 2008, and in response to (a) the Draft Consultant Report, "Exploring Feed-in Tariffs for California: Feed-In Tariff Design and Implementation Issues and Options (CEC-300-2008-003-D)", prepared by KEMA, and (b) the "Feed-in Tariffs for California, Design and Implementation Issues and Options" PowerPoint presentation delivered by Bob Grace and Wilson Rickerson on June 30, 2008 at the Energy Commission's Feed-in Tariff Workshop. Both can be found at: http://www.energy.ca.gov/portfolio/documents/index.html#063008 .

Each section of the survey corresponds to a section of the Report. Please note that the survey questions reference the corresponding Chapters where relevant.

This survey consists of 57 questions and will take roughly 45-60 minutes to complete. If you wish to access a full list of the survey questions prior to completing the survey online (for instance, in order to jot down notes, or seek internal feedback for stating your organziation's official position prior to responding), please use your web browser's print menu to print each page, after first completing the contact information in question #1. You can go back to previous pages in the survey and update existing responses until the survey is finished or until you have exited the survey. After the survey is finished, you will not be able to re-enter the survey.

In addition to any written comments you may wish to submit based on the June 30, 2008 staff workshop on the expanded use of feed-in-tariffs for facilities over 20 MWs, this survey may be used to support those written comments, or in lieu of written comments, to provide your feedback regarding the expanded use of feed-in-tariffs to meet California's 33 percent renewable energy goal. Completed surveys will be stored in secure file location on the SurveyMonkey web site only accessible by Energy Commission, and designated KEMA contractor, staff. The survey will ask for your name, organization and contact information for the purpose of ensuring that Energy Commission staff can verify which stakeholder group each survey represents, and to ensure that the overall survey accurately reflects the range of stakeholders involved in the review process. In addition, completed surveys will be considered part of the public record for this proceeding. Consequently, as with any other written comment, a facsimile (or pdf) of your completed survey, with your contact information, will be posted to the Energy Commission web site under docket numbers 08-IEP-1 and 03-RPS-1078. In addition, aggregated survey results will also be posted to the Energy Commission's web site under those docket numbers. However, while your comments and contact information will be part of the public record for development of this report, they will not be used by the Energy Commission for any other purpose.

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