What should Cleveland's Mayor and City Council do in the next four years to promote fast, affordable Internet access and digital literacy?
Connect Your Community plans to approach each candidate for Mayor and City Council during Cleveland's general election this Fall. We'll ask for their commitments to support specific City actions to increase Internet access, reduce Internet costs, and help all our fellow citizens to become digitally connected and literate.
We need your help to decide what proposed City actions should be included in our "ask" to the candidates.
Six possible proposals are listed below. Please rank each proposal based on how strongly you'd like to see it presented to the candidates. (Note: These are not mutually exclusive, so you don't have to choose among them -- you can rank them all the same if that's your preference.)
Question 7 asks for any idea you'd like to see on CYC's list, but isn't among the six we've listed.
Thanks for your help!

* 1. The City should build and operate free public wifi throughout Cleveland's business and residential areas.

* 2. The City should provide very fast, affordable broadband service to homes and small businesses as a direct city service, in competition with Charter Spectrum and AT&T ("Cleveland Public Power for the Internet").

* 3. The City should build a "common carrier" optical fiber network to enable local Internet providers and community networks to serve homes and small businesses in competition with Charter and AT&T.

* 4. The City should provide financing for non-profit community broadband networks.

* 5. The City should provide reliable public funding for neighborhood technology training centers.

* 6. The City should provide reliable public funding for community efforts to help eligible households take advantage of existing low-cost Internet services, such as Access From AT&T and Spectrum Internet Assist.

* 7. Here's my idea: The City should...

* 8. I'm interested in helping with Connect Your Community's campaign to get the candidates to say "Yes" to City investment in fast Internet access and digital literacy for all our neighbors.  Please keep me in the loop! 

* 9. My contact information