Our Professional Culture Survey

Many of you participated in an AHDI Brainstorming Survey several months ago. This is the next step in the process as we attempt to narrow in on the issues that seem to be dividing a workforce with our professional organization. The questions here were abstracted from those comments. They do NOT represent any truth, but rather perceptions by some that would be valuable to measure. So, it's useful to take something some say and then measure it objectively to determine if these opinions are shared by a a wider audience. Some of the comments are clear misconceptions, the intention being to find out how many are misdirected. The findings of this survey are meant to zero in on issues, not only about AHDI, but also about how The People behave and respond to AHDI, to remove the idea that AHDI is the entire blame, to analyze both sides of this coin objectively and how our professional climate is affected by attitudes on both sides.

There are 40 questions here, but they are easy to answer and the survey takes about 5 minutes to complete. Please select the closest answer. It is important to understand our industry's professional nature. The results of this survey will help to create further analysis, the ultimate goal to improve the professional quality of our industry. I will be requesting AHDI leaders to help us with the process of improvement and keeping the MyMT community informed regarding findings and what can be done about what we find. We can repeat the survey on a periodic basis to measure improvement.

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