The Things that You Would Do

This is the part 2 of the survey. The things that you would do is a series of questions asking what you will do or have done to show support to your fandoms or idols.

* 1. Have you joined any forums or fandoms?

* 2. How long have you been a member of your fandoms. (Choose the average or the nearest numbers)

* 3. What would you do to show support to your fandoms/idols?Watch

  Yes No Maybe
Buy CDs.
Watch Concerts.
Go to another country to watch their concert.
Put posters up in my wall.
Wallpapers on my computer or cellphone.
Read online news about my idols/fandoms.
Follow them on SNS (Social Networking Sites).
Go to their events (if they are near my area).
Join their contests.
Watch online videos about them.
Stay up all night to wait for their launches, comebacks or announcements.

* 4. How much do you to spend for merchandise, concerts etc. for your fandoms/idols?

* 5. If there is a concert near me. I would:

  Yes No Maybe
Camp at the concert grounds hours before the concert.
Buy VIP Tickets
Buy Merchandise.

* 6. How much average time per day do you spend for all your Kpop interests?

* 7. Thank you very much for participating. We are done with the survey and we would like to know what would you like to express about your Kpop interests? You can write your feelings about Kpop and your idols here freely.