* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What year group are you in?

* 3. How old are you?

* 4. What class are you in?

* 5. Are you a boy or a girl?

* 6. What ethnic group do you belong to?

* 7. Tick up to three sports that you are most interested in.

* 8. This year I played the following sports (either for school, or for a club) regularly:

* 9. What four things most help you/make you want to play sport?

* 10. What stops you from playing sport? Choose up to four.

* 11. Attitude- Choose an answer from the scale.

  Always Most of the time Sometimes Not really Never
I like sport.
I feel happy when I play sport.
I like playing ball games.
I prefer to work on a computer than play sport.
At lunchtime I play with a ball with my friends.
I prefer to read a book than play a ball game.
I try my hardest when playing sport.
I look forward to going outside for sport with my class.

* 12. Skill- Choose an answer from the scale.

  Always Most of the time Sometimes Not really Never
I can catch a big ball.
I can catch a big ball even if the pass is difficult.
I have trouble catching a ball.
I can catch a ball when I am running along.
I play well in a team.
I can throw the ball well.
I can make a good bounce pass.
I am really good at shooting goals. They often go in.
I know what dodging and feinting is.
I can move into space so that the ball can be passed to me.
I am good at sport.
I am good at throwing and catching.
I am good at running, jumping, and skipping.

* 13. Impact of School -Choose and answer from the scale:

  Yes No
In the last week we went out to learn how to throw/catch better.
In the last year I learnt lots about throwing/catching.
I can carry on through the whole lesson (I don't get tired).
I am getting better at playing big ball games.
I am getting better at catching and throwing.

* 14. What three words come to mind when you think of sport at Russell Street School? (Don't choose names of sports)

* 15. How much time on a normal Saturday do you spend active? (i.e. doing sport, playing outside, training or practising for a sport, taking part in a competition?)

* 16. How important do you think physical education and sport is at school?