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100% of survey complete.

* 1. Are you a member/supporter of Waterfront Watch?

* 2. Have you seen the plans showing the proposed changes to Frank Kitts Park?

* 3. Do you support the enlargement of the children’s playground, with new equipment suitable for children of different ages?

* 4. Do you support the location of the proposed Chinese garden in Frank Kitts Park?

* 5. Would you like the Chinese garden to be built somewhere else?

* 6. Do you support the removal of the amphitheatre and its replacement by a flat lawn?

* 7. Do you you support opening the park to harbour views, even if shelter from the wind is lost?

* 8. If the promenade wall is to be removed, do you support the bronze plaques being relocated to plinths in the coastal garden facing the inner path?

* 9. Do you support the installation of new steps connecting the refurbished upper lawn to the lagoon?

* 10. Thank you.  Any general comments?