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Do you foresee any conflicts of interest with any specific types of seafood business that might be in the competition?  For example, will your work with any other seafood businesses make it difficult to keep competitor information confidential and/or to provide them with unbiased advice? Please be as candid as possible here so we can make an appropriate match for you. We will not share this information with others outside of the Fish 2.0 team. 

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Our Online Judging System - the Fish 2.0 Hub
All judging is done online, on a competition platform we refer to us the “Fish 2.0 Hub”

You will receive an email invitation to register on the “Fish 2.0 Hub”.   Please click on the registration link to create a profile, using your email and password.  

If you already served as a judge in 2015, you can re-use your existing profile. A password reset link is available if necessary.

Once you are signed in, after June 27th you will see the companies we have assigned to you for judging, as well as the materials these companies have provided and the scoring form to complete online.  

All documents are also available in PDF form to download and read offline, but the actual scoring must be completed online by the judging deadline.
Thank You
Thank you for your willingness to help us grow the field of investment ready seafood businesses!

If you are selected and participate as an online judge, you will be invited to attend the Fish 2.0 Finals at Stanford University, California. Tickets will be offered at a discounted rate (to cover our basic expenses). Please mark your calendar for these events on November 7-8, 2017.

Any questions? Please email Monica directly at