1. Introduction

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The Sudbury Group (New England Regional Dredging Team) is exploring how Environmental Windows (also known as Time of Year restrictions; TOY) are used in New England to manage impacts of dredging activities on coastal resources (fish, shellfish). This is a topic of concern to many members of the team. The National Dredging Team has also identified this topic as a priority and has asked regional teams to provide feedback to the national level. We used this survey to stimulate discussion at the NERDT meeting on 2/26/09 and described our results at the NDT April Meeting.

There was interest from other RDTs and the NDT in the survey so we have opened a new collection of responses. We welcome input from practitioners across the country, we will keep the results of the NDT survey separate from the NERDT survey. Please indicate your level of agreement with each statement, if you don't know use "neither agree nor disagree". You may add a comment to any question. The results of the survey will be available on the NERDT website (see link at end of survey).

* 1. My knowledge of Environmental Windows is: