Neighbourhood Resources and Walkability Questionnaire

The goals of this questionnaire are to get resident perspectives on what resources and services are needed in their neighbourhoods, as well as information about how accessible existing resources are.


* 1. How long have you lived in west Windsor?

* 2. In order for us to identify in which area you live, without the direct address, please provide the following;

* 3. What age bracket do you fit into?

* 4. Are the following community resources within a 10 minute walk from your home?

  Yes No I don't know
Grocery Store or Market
Community Centre
Child Care Facility
Retail Store
Medical Facility
Post Office
Bus Stop

* 5. If applicable, what kinds of resources or services are needed in your community to make it complete?

* 6. Think about the sidewalks or other paved paths in your neighbourhood;

  Always Sometimes Never Does not Apply
Are the sidewalks or paths in good repair, without areas of uneven or broken pavement?
Are the sidewalks wide enough for at least 2 adults to walk side by side?
Could someone use the sidewalk using a wheelchair, walker, stroller or other mobility aid without difficulty?
Are there any benches or other places to rest along the sidewalks?
Is there a grass strip, trees, parking space or other buffers between the sidewalk and the street traffic?
Are the sidewalks or paths well lit?

* 7. Is there any additional feedback you would like to share about the walkability of your neighbourhood?