Welcome to the new workplace.
There is no denying that COVID-19 has propelled an enormous shift in how and where work gets done. Through all of this, we often talk about the future of work. The reality is that it’s already here – we are reinventing the workplace in real-time.
Even with all the uncertainty, we are living at a time of monumental opportunity. The time is right for a seismic shift, to examine the workplace with fresh eyes and fundamentally reimagine the future of work.

Hosted by the Public Services Health & Safety Association, The Workplace, Reimagined virtual conference set out to recognize how the pandemic has changed our world of work, and look forward to where we go from here. Designed for organizational leaders across Canada, the conference gathered innovative perspectives on what this new world of work should look like.

Thank you for joining us there!  And thank you for completing this short survey to tell us about your experience so that we can continue to bring people together in an impactful way.

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