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Gates Mills is preparing a comprehensive plan that will provide recommendations to both (1) enhance the appeal of the village and the value of the land and property throughout the village for the foreseeable future while (2) retaining, if not enhancing, its unique historic character and quality of services.  The Plan is a 10-year road map to guide Gates Mills’ future actions on a variety of topics including housing, open space protection, historic preservation, and transportation mobility. 

The survey takes about 20 to 25 minutes.  Your specific responses are confidential; your answers will be compiled with those of other village residents. Feel free to skip any question that is not relevant to you. 
The survey includes the following parts:

1.   Overall Village Characteristics
2.   Village Center  
3.   Residential Neighborhoods
4.   Natural Environment, Parks, and Recreation Facilities
5.   Community Services and Infrastructure
6.   Gates Mills Image, Identity and Governance
7.    Overall Opinions of Gates Mills
8.    Future of Gates Mills
9.    Final Wrap-up Questions
For more information relating to the Gates Mills Comprehensive Plan, visit https://www.gatesmillsvillage.com/comprehensive-plan

Should you require assistance in taking this survey, please notify us at ComprehensivePlan@gatesmillsvillage.com

Thank you for helping us understand your needs and priorities regarding the Village of Gates Mills.
The following information is required in order to complete the survey. Please refer to the postcard you received for the 8-digit code.  The survey code allows one response per adult and a maximum of two adults per house.  If more than two adults live at your house, email ComprehensivePlan@gatesmillsvillage.com to let us know and additional instructions will be provided. 

If you need assistance, please notify us at ComprehensivePlan@gatesmillsvillage.com

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