The Rolla Board of Education would like your input on proposed future building and program improvements. During the 2017-18 school year, the school board appointed a Long-Range Facilities and Program ad hoc committee consisting of parents, community patrons, school district architects, city officials and staff members. They spent the entire 2017-18 school year studying the district facilities and developed a long-range plan which was adopted by the Board of Education in June of 2018.

Each month during the 2017-18 school year the committee leadership made presentations and recommendations to the Board for building improvements within the school district. Several of the recommendations have already been implemented and others are in process of implementation through normal facilities maintenance and program improvements.

This study was designed to guide the continuous improvement to district facilities and programs for the next 10 years. Through further study and discussion, the Board of Education has identified 7 focus areas as the first phase of working through the 10 year facility plan. These areas include:

  1. Safety and Security Entrance & Access Enhancements at all campuses
  2. Performing Arts Facility/Auditorium (2 Options) & Library Renovation
    • 2A. Stand Alone Performing Arts Facility at Rolla High School
    • 2B. Repurpose Current Gymnasium Space and Construct a Multipurpose Fieldhouse
  3. Junior High Band and Music, Weight training and Physical Education renovation and expansion
  4. Junior High School Science Lab Renovation
  5. Early Childhood Program Expansion
  6. Truman Library
  7. RTI Building Renovations

Below, you will find a survey that includes the rationale for each proposal and additional links to concept drawings for each idea. Please understand that the concepts are not final ideas, but merely a place to start discussions and generate further ideas and options.

Please also understand that a bond issue may be required to be passed by the patrons to fund these proposals.

Thank you in advance for your input and assistance.
Rationales for Proposals and Questions for Response

Please mark the appropriate response for each question - 
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1.  Safety and security are top priorities for our school district.  The district constantly works to upgrade facilities, processes and procedures through annual budget planning and staff training.  The district is proposing a more comprehensive modernization of building access points (doors and entrances) and emergency communication technology (alert systems with direct first responder connections) for all district facilities. The scope of this vision is outside what the district maintenance and technology staff could construct, install and maintain in a reasonable timeframe.  Improvements would involve all of our district facilities.

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Question Title

Would you be in favor of enhancing the safety of district facilities by furthering secure entrance access design and through upgrading building emergency communication safety technology for all district facilities?

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