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Did you receive a home appraisal during the purchase, sale, or refinancing of your home that came in much lower than you expected? Did you encounter outright or subtle discrimination in the process of your home appraisal? You are not alone. Many families across the country have faced similar experiences, resulting in the significant devaluation of homes and neighborhoods of color.

We invite you to share your experience with us as we advocate for systemic change in how homes are valued across the country. Thank you for your time and any information you are able to share.

This reporting portal is intended to be used by households that have experience with an appraisal that the household believes is inaccurate, unfair, biased, or has distorted the value of their property.

Though several complaint portals do exist ( e.g. the Office of Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, a federal agency), a goal of the housing and consumer advocates on the Appraisal Equity Task Force is to provide a place to document these experiences. The information will allow the Task Force to identify patterns and to share anonymous consumer experiences with regulatory bodies.

This reporting portal is not intended to identify individual appraisers nor does the Task Force intend to seek sanctions against individual appraisers. The reports documented here will contribute to our effort to uncover patterns of structural racism and its impact on undervalued households, neighborhoods, and the resulting barriers to acquiring wealth. 

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