New Canadian Hockey Stick company

Market research for innovative hockey stick company in Canada. Coming soon to teams near you

* 1. My email (enter for chance to win free stick):

* 2. What is your age?

* 3. How often do you (or does your child) play Ice-hockey or Ball-hockey? Parents of players accepted for purpose of survey

* 4. When purchasing a new hockey stick, which stick features are most important?

* 5. Should the quality of a hockey stick be reflected in the price?

* 6. Consider this situation:

The latest 2017 Ice Hockey stick has arrived on the Canadian market. What do you think it should be *priced* at?

* 7. Your hockey team is approached by a new Custom design, hockey stick company. They would like to sell you *their* best stick with *your team* graphics on it. You are:

* 8. You test a Custom stick out, and it seems like a comparable high quality stick to your local hockey store's selection. Your thoughts?

* 9. The company mentions the offer is only valid if a stick is purchased by every player on the team. Each player can adjust their own curve, lie, flex and grip. This sound:

* 10. The highest priced hockey stick currently on the market is CDN$350.00.

How much would you pay for your comparable but unique, custom-designed hockey stick?

* 11. The stick graphics are designed in Canada, but manufactured in China. This makes you feel:

* 12. Do you identify with male athletes or female athletes?

* 13. What is your approximate average household income?