1. In-Person Visit

100% of survey complete.

Feedback form for the Development Services Department in-person visit.

* 1. When did you visit Development Services?

Please enter Date and Time

* 2. Please tell us the business you conducted:

* 3. Please tell us the name of the person assisting you:

* 4. Please enter your Secret Shopper Participant Number:

* 5. Please tell us the areas/divisions of the department you visited:

* 6. Please tell us about our customer service:

  Excellent Good Fair Poor Unacceptable
Ability to find parking
Appearance of the grounds
Appearance/cleanliness of the lobby/waiting area
Greeted/acknowledged by staff
Appropriateness of staff appearance
Professionalism/courteousness of staff
Waiting time to be served
Knowledge of staff member assisting you
Preparedness of staff to meet your needs
Project/permit processing time
Plan review hold comments were clearly communicated
Consistency of resubmittal reviews
Ease of scheduling inspections
Inspection timelines (performed as scheduled)
The inspector called ahead as requested
The inspection was performed in a consistent manner
Project comments/concerns were clearly communicated
Procedures were clarified
Timelines of inspection results entered into Hansen
Consistency of this inspection with prior inspections
Inspector compliance with safety/OSHA requirements
Uniformity of code interpretation--planning to inspection
Your overall satisfaction of the services provided

* 7. Please tell us how long it took for your plan to be reviewed:

* 8. Please tell us how long your total transaction time was:

* 9. Please indicate how you scheduled your inspection:

* 10. Additional comments: