* 1. Did you know that tutoring is offered as a free service to Millersville University students through the Tutoring Center located at 355 Lyle Hall (717/871-2420)?

* 2. Do you feel that tutoring is essential to your academic success?

* 3. Have you sought tutoring through the Tutoring Center?

* 4. If you received tutoring through the Tutoring Center, please rate the following:

  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor N/A
Individual Tutoring
Group Tutoring
Tutoring Center Location
Tutoring Center Hours
Tutoring Center Staff
Initial Meetings
Overall Quality

* 5. If you received tutoring through the Tutoring Center, did your grade improve in the course in which you were tutored?

* 6. Would you be interested in online tutoring?

* 7. How likely are you to return to the Tutoring Center for future tutoring services?

* 8. Would you recommend the Tutoring Center to others?

* 9. Are you aware of the workshops offered by the Tutoring Center?

* 10. How likely are you to attend a workshop on the following?

  Highly Likely Likely Unsure Not Likely No Way
Note-taking & Study Skills
Time Management & Organization Skills
Study Skills to Prepare for Midterms/Finals
Tools for Critical Thinking
Critical Thinking for Reading
Critical Thinking for Writing
Scientific Thinking
Analytical Thinking