Thank you for your interest in the 2018 R2R Exhibitor's Gallery!

Gallery Details:
- Booths include one six-foot table with skirting, 2 chairs, waste basket, and an extension cord power source.
- Limit two staff members. To bring more than two staff members, please contact us.
-Registration includes meals. Does not include conference sessions. If you would like to attend sessions, please register also as an attendee. 

Cancellation Policy:
-Full refund with 90 days notice or more. 
- Half refund with 60 days notice.
- No refund with 30 or less days notice. 

Contact Us!
Catrina Mathewson
Development & Operations Coordinator
541.684.9077 x3

RDI reserves the right to review all applications.

* 1. Name of Organization

* 2. Contact Name(s)

* 3. Contact Phone

* 4. Contact Email

* 5. Table Type

* 6. Payment Information

* 7. Address to list on invoice: 

* 8. Staffing (Some booth supervision is available. If you want to attend sessions, for example.)

* 9. If you plan to join us for meals, please least any food allergies: