Informed Consent for Participation in a Research Study
Title of Study: Barriers to Precepting Graduate Students From The Perspective of Nurse Practitioners in Georgia
Principal Investigator: Lidiya Maksymyuk, AGACNP-S.
I. Introduction and Purpose
You are invited to participate in an educational research study. The purpose of this study is to contribute to the body of literature on the barriers to precepting graduate students from the perspective on nurse practitioners in Georgia (GA). In addition, this study will outline specific perceived barriers to the role, and present an array of suggestions for their elimination.
II. Procedure
If you decide to participate, you will be asked to complete an anonymous electronic questionnaire containing list of potential barriers to precepting graduate students from the perspective of nurse practitioners in GA (e.g. time, organizational support, financial compensation etc.)
III. Potential Risk or Discomfort
Participation in this study presents no risk to you other than the normal risks of daily life.
IV. Potential Benefits
You will not be compensated for participation, and there are no guaranteed benefits to you for participating in this study.
V. Voluntary Participation, Withdrawal and Removal
Participation in this research is voluntary. You have the right not to be in this study.
VI. Confidentiality and access to results
Lidiya Maksymyuk will keep your records private to the extent allowed by law. All data associated with this study will be stored in a locked office in a form of a password protected computer file that is only accessible to the primary investigator. All original data will be destroyed on July1, 2019.
VII. Contact Information
Call Lidiya Maksymyuk at 404-579-2148 if you have questions about this study. or email at I understand the procedures described above. My questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

Question Title

* 1. Do you agree to the terms of agreement and to participate in this survey?