Cabrillo Unified School District Neighborhoods and Areas of Interest

Dear Coastside Community-

Right now in our school district, all Coastsiders currently vote for all five of our school board members. This is what is known as "at large" elections.  The California Voting Rights Act discourages this way of voting, because of the Legislature’s belief that voters’ diverse interests  are better represented in what is known as " trustee-area" elections. In a trustee-area election system, each trustee must live within the designated trustee area boundary, and is elected only by the voters who live in that area. Cabrillo Unified School District received a demand to change to trustee-area district elections or face legal action.  At the October 2018 school board meeting, the board adopted a resolution indicating its intent to change to trustee-area district elections.

In order for Cabrillo Unified School District to do this in a fair and equitable fashion, it is important for your voice to be heard.  We need to know how you, as a Coastsider, identify the schools' neighborhoods and communities of interest .  Please indicate what you believe is your neighborhood or community of interest.  We also have made a comment box for any other feedback you would like to add regarding how the trustee areas should be drawn.

Thank you for your input.


Jane Yuster


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* 1. What Coastside neighborhood  or community of interest do you live in?

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* 2. Is there anything  you would like  the school district to  consider as it attempts to draw the trustee-area election districts for the Coastside?