Survey Introduction

We invite you to participate in our survey to share how your education abroad experience was unique to you. We believe your input would be a valuable asset to our study given your participation in studying, volunteering, interning, or conducting research abroad through an in-person, hybrid, or virtual format. Data and quotes from this survey may be used for reporting purposes; however, personal identifiers will be removed to maintain your anonymity and confidentiality.

If you agree to participate in the survey, we will ask you questions about your education abroad program, identities, and how these identities influenced or shaped your education abroad experience. Some questions may not pertain to you or your experience; please feel free to skip these questions.

If you participated in more than one program, please refer to your most prominent/impactful international experience when answering these survey questions. 

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes. For further information about the survey, please contact

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* 1. I have read the information above and I am aware that I am being asked to participate in a survey about my experiences as a past participant in education abroad programming.

Please click YES if you choose to participate in this survey.

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