The purpose of this form is to provide Nelligan Sports Marketing (NSM) the whole picture of what marketing assets UofL has to offer and why they have value in a plain and simple way. If NSM is charged with selling UofL events to sponsors, we have to provide details on the events in order to make them attractive to clients.

* 1. Overall description/summary of event and what makes this attractive to sponsors?

Example: The WARNS Institute at the law school holds a continuing legal education seminar every summer. This event has sponsorship value, because it has a captive, statewide audience of X-amount of attorneys and those involved in the legal profession for X-amount of days. Potential sponsors include area law firms, law research companies (Westlaw), and other companies that support the law profession (Office Max, bail bonds, paralegal temporary services).

* 2. Estimated attendance? How many people will the event reach?

* 3. Who will be in attendance? For example, students (75%), faculty (10%), donors (10%), general public (5%). Include demographics, if possible.

Example: The CLE legal seminar attracts X-amount of attorneys, which include those in high-income tax brackets. The Corn Island Storytelling festival had X-amount in attendance in 2012, many of those were families with young children.

* 4. Date and time of event?


* 5. Is this a recurring event? If so, how frequently and when?

* 6. Where is the event?

* 7. What type of marketing opportunities will sponsors have to display signage, pass out literature, speak at the event, sample product, etc? Please be specific with times, sizes or other details about the opportunity.

* 8. How is the event being pre-marketed? Who is being reached/targeted and what opportunities would be sponsors be included as part of your pre-event or post-event marketing?

Example: One e-mail blast reaching 30,000 people, website advertising, letters to 10,000 homes in the Louisville metro area, thank you letters to everyone who attended, billboards, radio advertising, social media outreach.

* 9. Why should a sponsor fund this even? How will it benefit them? (Write as if you were talking directly to them)

* 10. How many years has this event been going on? And is there an opportunity for a multi-year sponsorship?

* 11. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the significance of this event? (10 being the most important event of the year)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
How significant is this event to your department?

* 12. Additional Information? (Use this space to further “sell” the event. Sponsors want compelling reasons for why they should be involved and how it will benefit them. If you have specific brands or sponsors in mind, include their names here).

* 13. Contact Information