* 1. Thank you so much for taking the time to complete this survey!

For every completed survey I will happily provide you with a beautiful professional print of a favorite engagement or wedding image. If you promise not to confer on the answers I am happy for you BOTH to complete this to get TWO prints!

In the box below, please write:
1. # of the image in your online gallery (with a brief description e.g. Bride & Groom kissing at altar) - if you haven't received your gallery yet, I will follow up on this with you afterwards.
2. Any special instructions (black and white? cropped?)
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* 2. Why did you decide to do a first look? Check all that apply

* 3. Looking back on your wedding day:

* 4. What were the reaction of your families when you told them you would be doing a first look before the ceremony? How did they feel about the family pictures before the ceremony?

* 5. Please describe your experience of the first look (please note if you're the bride or the groom!). Please be as specific as possible about whether it affected your feelings during the wedding ceremony.

* 6. What advice/comments would you have for other brides or grooms thinking about doing a first look?

* 7. After your first look, did you schedule additional time for couples portraits? If so, please comment on your experience with this. Are you happy with the pictures?

* 8. Please feel free to use this space to provide any other feedback about your first look experience and/or your wedding photography in general.

* 9. What could have improved your wedding photography? Please be as brutally honest as you need to be! I can only improve with your feedback :)