* 1. How were the Hotel Accommodations

  Great Good Fair Poor
Guest Rooms
Training Rooms

* 2. Rate the presentations

  Great Good Fair Poor
Winning Plays - Matt Mayberry
Traaining Officer Panel - Danny Hornbeck, Vicki Gillerin & Matt Hughson
Community Programs Panel - Stephanie Glass, Mike Miranda, Margaret Mize Jones & Salatheia Brown
Probation Law - Judge Dawn Fields
Interstate Compact - Timothy Strickland
Officer Safety & Situatiuonal Awareness - David Ogden
Moving Evidence Based Practices into service - Dr. Potter & David Malinowski
Community Corrections Forum - Don Pittman & Joe Winkler
Be the Best - Harvey Alston

* 3. How was the Networking Room? Do you have any suggestions for future networking?

* 4. How was the on line registration process?

* 5. How were the workshops?

  Great Good Fair Poor
How was the length of the workshops
Could you hear the speaker okay
Could you see the screen okay
Were the chairs comfortable

* 6. What should we do differently at future Institutes?

* 7. What did you like most about the Institute?

* 8. How was the exhibit area?

  Great Good Fair Poor
Did you have sufficient time to visit with exhibitors?
Was the space good for meeting with the exhibitors?
Was the location of the exhibit area good for you?

* 9. If FACC creates an online orientation for new probation officers, what topics would you like us to cover?

* 10. What topics would you most like to learn about or discuss at the 2018 Institute?