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In the May AGM, we announced our bold plan to raise $97,000 from a “Members & Friends Fundraising and $60,000pa from “Special Sponsors” to secure our club and improve our wonderful course.

At the end of January we have received cash and kind contributions of over $16,000 from Members & Friends and over $17,000 from Special Sponsors including our major contributor Bernard Hooley of Oakdene and Lighthouse. In addition to the $17k we have commitments of a further $22k from the special sponsorship category which leaves a balance of $21,000 to meet the target of $60,000 for the year to June.

We are now looking to promote the "Members & Friends" Category as we haven't made a lot of headway yet. The festive season is over now so it’s now time for YOU to join in!

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For more details on Tee Boxes and Shelters, visit our website.

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