1. Required Questions

The River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) wants your input as we plan transportation improvements for Volusia County and parts of Flagler County. All responses received by 6/30/18 will be eligible to enter a drawing for a three day/two night hotel mini-vacation.
If you are using a screen reader or another accessible technology option for the visually impaired, please use the Tab button to move between questions. Use the up and down arrows to move within each question.
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* 1a.  Home Zip:

* Work/School Zip (if applicable):

* 1b. Have you taken a River to Sea TPO “Tell the TPO” survey in the past? (Check one.):

* 2.  What forms of transportation do you use regularly (3 or more times per week)? (Select any that apply.):

* 3.  If you do not walk or bicycle now, what prevents you from doing so? (Select any that apply.):

* 4. If you do not regularly use public transit buses, what improvements might make them a more attractive option for you? (Select any that apply.):

* 5. If you do not regularly use SunRail, what improvements might make it a more attractive option for you? (Select any that apply.):

* 6. What is your overall level of satisfaction with the current transportation facilities in Volusia/Flagler Counties? (Select one answer for each category.):

  Completely satisfied Somewhat satisfied No opinion Somewhat dissatisfied  Completely dissatisfied
Sidewalks and crosswalks (availability, maintenance conditions, etc.)
Trail system (availability, trail conditions, logical connections, etc.)           
Bicycle lanes (accessibility, bicycle lane markings, pavement conditions, etc.)
Public transit service (accessibility, routes connecting destinations, etc.)
Public transit shelters/benches (availability, conditions)
Local neighborhood streets (traffic, maintenance conditions, etc.)
Major streets (traffic, maintenance conditions, etc.)
Interstate highways (traffic, maintenance conditions, etc.)

* 7.  As we prioritize spending on transportation projects, do you think we should invest more, the same, or less than we are spending now on the following?  (Select one answer for each category.):

  Much more More The same Less Much less
Improving/adding SunRail service
Encouraging carpooling (e.g. communication and/or incentives)
Adding lanes to existing roadways
Improving roadway operations (better traffic signal timings, adding or extending turn lanes, etc.)
Traffic calming measures (e.g. roundabouts, speed bumps, etc.)
Improving bicycling conditions (bike lanes, wayfinding, paved shoulders, etc.)
Implementing technology to improve safety and efficiency of traffic operations (e.g. coordinated traffic signals, real-time mobile traffic information, etc.)
Adding/improving multi-use trails
Building new roadways
Improving walking conditions (e.g. sidewalks and crosswalks, pedestrian signals, etc.)
Improving/adding bus service

* 8. New transportation technology is important for which of the following  (Select one answer for each category.):

  Most important Somewhat important Neutral Less important Least important
Decreasing roadway crashes
Improving the flow of vehicle traffic
Providing safer intersections for pedestrians (talking or countdown signals, etc.)
Reducing freight shipping travel times
Providing real-time information to drivers/transit riders/pedestrians (via mobile devices, variable message signs on roadways, etc.)
Helping transit vehicles arrive on time or have shorter travel times

* 9. Transportation needs exceed the amount of funding available. Which types of transportation projects are your highest priorities to fund with our limited resources? (Select your top three choices):

* 10. Crash data show the following intersections as the 10 highest crash locations in the planning area. These areas also have increasing congestion. Which of these intersections cause the greatest concern for you as a driver, bicyclist or pedestrian? (Select your top three choices):