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Introduction and Guiding Principles

Fortis Consulting invites you to complete the Pulse Survey: Cultural Inclusion©. Completing the Survey will enable you to reflect on the extent to which your organisation’s policies and practices embrace cultural inclusion. The Pulse Survey: Cultural Inclusion© also allows respondents to reflect on their own work-related experiences in relation to workplace cultural diversity.

The Pulse Survey: Cultural Inclusion© is designed and administered by Fortis Consulting and is short – comprising of 14 questions, with the opportunity to provide additional comments and information on good practice, or areas of improvement. It should take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete.

Things you should know before you start the survey:
• This is a survey, not a test. There is no wrong or right answers and you cannot pass or fail.
• The information obtained will be collated and treated as confidential: no individual data will be published or made available to a third party.
• When answering the questions, ask yourself, ‘what do I actually know to be true at work?’
• Make the selection and comments yourself and avoid asking your staff or colleagues to assist in your responses – encourage them to participate separately.

How will the data be used:
• All information will be treated as confidential and data will be destroyed within three months of the completion of the Survey.
• Overall data can be collated to produce a work-based report, on request, that will provide leaders and staff with an insight into the extent to which their workplace policies and practices reflect good practice.
If you have any questions in relation to the administration of the Pulse Survey: Cultural Inclusion© please contact:

Thank you for completing the Pulse Survey: Cultural Inclusion©

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