* 1. What is your business? Please include any links below and email millennialboss@gmail.com if you want to include a picture. Please note, Millennial Boss reserves the right to choose which responses are featured, if any. Be sure to include your email so we can reach out to you!

* 2. What did you do before you started your own business? If you are still employed full-time, please share a little but about what you do in your day job.

* 3. Who were some influencers in your decision to be an entrepreneur? 

* 4. How did you prepare to take the leap both financially and in your business? Please reference what you saved, if you learned new skills, if you moved, etc.

* 5. If you quit your job, were you already making money on the side before you decided to quit your job? Tell us about that. If you are still working full-time, what would make you leave your job?

* 6. Who else works on your business with you? Did you hire anyone to help? When did you decide to bring that person on and how did you find them?

* 7. Can you share any financial details about your business?

* 8. What was your worst day so far as an entrepreneur and what was your best day? What happened on those days?

* 9. What is one small "trick" or piece of advice that you have learned about reaching customers or making sales? Please be specific and provide something actionable for us.

* 10. Give us two truths and a lie about yourself so we can get to know you better personally!

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