Each NAC is requested by the EAC to complete a review and annual report of EuroPsy and submit this to the EFPA Office in Brussels by February each year.  The review is intended to enable EFPA (through EAC) to have an overview of developments in the different countries, and to try to support progress with the implementation of EuroPsy across EFPA countries. It is important that EuroPsy serves the function of maintaining and ensuring high standards. The answers on the form should indicate progress since the application of the NAC as approved by the EAC.

A further purpose of the annual review is to stimulate NACs to reflect on the extent and quality of their activities, and the awareness of EuroPsy in their country, during the previous year. The EAC hopes to encourage reflection and a focus both on plans for future developments, and also challenges in each country. 

The EuroPsy website ( contains the basic information and national requirements for EuroPsy, as stated in last year’s annual report. NAC Chairs are therefore asked to check that this information is correct (and if necessary indicate any errors or changes), and then use the report form to indicate changes, developments, challenges for EuroPsy over the past year and plans for the future.

EAC hopes that the website will provide accurate and useful information both for EFPA members and NACs, as internal users, and for students, employers, universities and others, as external users.

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