1. Public Input for Los Medanos Healthcare District Strategic Plan

Help Shape LMCHD’s Priority’s for the Future!

The Los Medanos Community Health District (LMCHD) has developed a draft of a new 2011-2016 Strategic Plan. The strategic planning process is charting a new course for LMCHD to engage with the surrounding communities to improve the quality of healthcare for District residents while continuing to promote an environment of health and wellness.

LMCHD wants to ensure that the strategic planning process is both comprehensive and inclusive, so that together we create a plan and shared vision of how LMCHD operates. Please take a few minutes to give LMCHD your input.

Please read the LMCHD 2011-2016 Strategic Plan on the LMCHD's website at http://lmchd.org/php/strategicplan.php before answering the survey.

Thank you!