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* 1. Did you know that ACE doesn't own the 113-year-old building we call home? It remains the property of the City of La Grande. As a 501(c)3 non-profit, we are an independent arts organization not connected to city government or their budget.

Living in an historic building gives ACE a lot of character, and our community loves that we are keeping this piece of local history alive. However, old buildings come with many challenges. One is the lack of ADA access. Without an elevator, it's impossible for people with mobility challenges to access our galleries and community gathering spaces. We want to change that!

After researching our options, we've found that installing a new elevator is far too costly for our modest budget. Because we don't own the building, grant funding is not available. We are taking a poll of ACE supporters to see how important ADA access is to you. We will bring your answers to the City of La Grande as part of our request for funding to help make the arts accessible to all people in our community.

Please select the answer that best fits how you feel about bringing ADA access to Art Center East: