In preparation for the start of the new school year and to meet students’ needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Richland One’s Nutrition Services Office is asking all parents and guardians to complete its online meal survey by Friday, August 7, 2020. The survey only needs to be completed for meals requested during the eLearning/Virtual reopening of school models. Meals will be delivered via pre-planned bus routes. If you do not wish to receive delivered meals during the eLearning/Virtual models, completing the survey is not required. 

The meals being offered are intended for Richland One students. Meals for each non-Richland One student MUST be pre-paid at $31.25 per week for five days of breakfasts and lunches in order to receive meals via the pre-planned bus routes. Once this survey has been submitted, please contact The Office of Nutrition Services at 803-231-6953 to set up a payment account for non-Richland One students.

Question Title

* 1. Are you requesting meals for Richland One student(s)?