We're delighted that you plan to join us in Izmir for the Regional Organic Cotton Round Table (Regional-OCRT) on May 10 - 11 May 2018. 

To see the latest developments, please check the Regional-OCRT Izmir webpage.

Please complete this short registration form at your earliest convenience to secure your place. If your schedule changes and you discover you are no longer able to attend, please ensure you let us know by emailing OCRT@TextileExchange.org. You may also contact us at this address with any questions you may have.

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NOTE: There is a small fee for these activities. Payment must be made separately via the following form in order to secure you place: https://textileexchange.eventscase.com/attendance/event/index/33389 

* 5. Please list the three key topics you would like to see featured at the 2018 Regional-OCRT in Izmir:

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* 8. Are there are any stakeholders you think should be invited to attend this event? If so, please list their details (including name and email address, if available) here:

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We will be in touch soon with additional details. In the meantime, remember to keep an eye on the Regional-OCRT Izmir webpage for the latest news and updates, and if you have any questions contact us as OCRT@TextileExchange.org.

We look forward to seeing you in Izmir in May!