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Thank you in advance for helping us with this survey. Your input will assist us in better responding to your information needs.

* 1. In general, please rate your opinion of the press releases, news information, emergency alerts and other information you receive from the Pinal County Communications Department (Heather Murphy or Joe Pyritz)?

  Unacceptable Adequate Excellent
Level of Detail Provided

* 2. In your opinion, Pinal County's Communications Department:

  Strongly Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
Keeps me informed
Helps keep my neighbors & friends informed
Reports information in a fair & balanced manner
Serves the public well
Promply responds to inquiries from public or media

* 3. This year we started forwarding road closure notices, traffic alerts and information generated by other organizations when we feel that it may be of broad general interest to you. Please rate your satisfaction with this service:

* 4. Have you ever viewed Channel Pinal on your local cable service or accessed Channel Pinal programs through the county's website or YouTube channel?