Amongst the Updated pan-European Indicators (UPEI) for Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) that were adopted by the Madrid Ministerial Conference in 2015, there are a few indicators with altered name, full text, reported categories and/or rationale as compared to the previous set of the criteria and indicators (Improved Pan-European Indicators for SFM approved in 2003).

Quantitative indicator 6.4 “Investments in forests and forestry” is one of them. Original title of the indicator was “Expenditures for services”. The full text of the actual indicator is “Total public and private investments in forests and forestry” (original full text was “Total expenditures for long-term sustainable services from forests”).

New wording of the indicator 6.4 should be reflected in respective reporting form and tables of the Joint FOREST EUROPE/UNECE/FAO Questionnaire on Quantitative indicators and in the next report on State of Europe´s Forests (2020).

Before answering the following questions, please consult this document (, containing detailed information on the development and actual state of the reporting content and format of indicator 6.4.

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