* What is your age?

* Have you ever attended an exhibition? i.e. galleries displaying paintings, 3-D sculptures, video and/or sound installation, performance etc..

* If so, did you feel comfortable in the environment you were in?

* Do you think that having an interactive feature to engage in would enhance the audience’s comfort and help to encourage participation in such an environment?

* A 3-D exhibition was recently created for The XX’s album to be consumed in, what is your opinion on creating new environments or spaces for music to be performed in?

* New projects such as the said XX installation, Danny Perez’s and Animal Collective’s collaboration, and The Creators Project website have recently arisen, do you feel that the live/3-D visual scene is growing in popularity?

* Do you think that live visuals and/or interactive art add any value to a musical performance?

* If Yes, please list the advantages of doing so?

* Do you feel there is a lack of untraditional venues for bands to perform in and display similar works of art?