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* 1. Please provide the below information:

Campaign Events

New to events or need a refresher? Please download the Events Toolkit for tips and guidance!

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* 2. Will you be our main contact for events?

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* 3. Please select areas where you would like to focus your event attendance. If you would like to receive notifications for all events across the United States, please select the first option and continue to Question 5.

By not checking a state/region, you are opting out of events in that area unless a charity event requests your organization by name. At that point, we will reach out to you with the event information.

Promotional Items

We have seen a trend where campaigns are asking for more giveaways and less brochures, so that is something to keep in mind. Also, for those members in State and Local Campaigns, we are running low on items we received last year!

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* 4. Do you plan to send America's Charities any of the following to use at various campaign events? If yes, on average we ask for about 300-500 of Giveaways and 300-500 of Brochures.


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* 5. Does your organization have a network of chapters, affiliates, or remote staff?

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* 6. Do you plan to have employees of chapters/affiliates, remote staff, or volunteers attend events on behalf of your organization?

If yes, we will still be communicating directly with you. Members will need to forward these to their chapters/affiliates and communicate that the chapter/affiliate will need to represent the National organization at the event. This question helps us to know in advance which groups might be doing this.

If you plan on utilizing your chapters/affiliates, please feel free to download this Chapter and Affiliates FAQ to hand out to them. This is a great resource for chapters/affiliates who might not be familiar with America's Charities or the event process.

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* 7. Would you like us to include your chapters/affiliates in private sector campaigns, where we are able?

If yes to Question 7, please send a spreadsheet to with the following information for all chapters/affiliates that fall under your parent organization: Affiliate Name, Affiliate EIN, Affiliate Physical Address, Affiliate Phone Number, Staff Contact Name(s) & Title(s), Staff Contact Email Address(es).